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Wendy King

I have worked extensively in the field of horticulture, in Tucson Arizona for over 25 years. I am dedicated to building a successful partnership between the client and myself so together we can give life to the aesthetics of the site and create the desired amenities.”


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Wendy King transformed my courtyard and outdoor living areas. The courtyard went from ordinary to amazing. Wendy changed the pots, plants and furniture to create a look much more compatible with the house and is far more elegant. One of the many things that I appreciated is that Wendy had my existing furniture refinished, which gave it a new look, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Wendy also created a garden off the master bedroom patio. The garden has a very "resort" look with flowering plants that are easy to maintain and beautiful through the year. Wendy knows the type of plants that do well in this climate so everything she planted survived. She also repositioned the furniture and plants on all of the covered patios to create a look that is inviting, consistent among the outdoor living areas, and useful. Regardless of the weather we now have a lovely place to be outside with furniture and plants that are easy to maintain and beautiful. Personally Wendy is delightful to work with. She quickly understood the look I wanted, what was need to make the house show well, and my ability (limited) to maintain the areas. Wendy is the ultimate in reliability. Things are done on time and in budget. You will love working with Wendy and the look she creates!
Cynthia Penner
We began working on our new home's landscaping plan mid 2008 with Wendy King. It was an ambitious project, set for three stages, on 2.75 acres to be completed over several years. Wendy created an overall design for the lot; covering the front entry, a wooded area, screening the closest home to us, an outdoor kitchen and bar, a six hole putting green/play area, the pool and deck, a hot tube area, the sunken citrus grove, Cathy's private garden, and preserving the remaining natural desert landscape. Wendy suggested exceptional people to work on this project; the landscaping company, iron working and fencing company, several nurseries for plants and trees, a couple of rock/boulder suppliers, a pool company and the artificial green installer, to name a few. The original three stages became one long stage, because my wife and I had to see the final design now, not over time. Throughout the project, Wendy was open to modification of the design plan as the house changed and some areas expanded and others shrunk. The citrus garden in the dog run was a wonderful after-thought which Wendy put together in a couple of days. It was a joy to work with this intelligent, creative woman for the last three years. She is delightful and fun to work with, we would highly recommend her for any size landscape project.
Cathy and Chip Jackson


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