River Road Designs


Oro Valley, Az.

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The initial meeting with the client will be an informal meeting to gather information on the landscaping goals of the client, a budget , and the suitability of the designer in meeting those goals. I will present my resume and portfolio as well as personal testimonies from past clients. We will then go over the site to determine the physical perimeters and make note of any concerns or hopes for the use of the space. This is a good opportunity to share ideas concerning the client's vision for the overall design, as all of these factors will be incorporated into the design process. Once we have established that you, the client, would like to enlist my design services we will begin the process. A contract of fees and services will be provided, and upon the signing and down payment paid, I will make an appointment to begin measuring and recording the existing perimeters of the site. This is called a base map and is the foundation for all of the design concepts to follow. Our next meeting will be to present a general outline, of one or two very basic and broad design choices ,and this is the time we can fine tune the design. This dialogue will help us to meet our goal of presenting the final design upon our next meeting. Once the final design plan is accepted by the client, it is the time to discuss how the design will be implemented. It can be installed in totality or in phases, according to the inclination of the client. Another service offered is consulting on an existing landscape and simply providing some professional advice without the need for a detailed plan. I also may be hired on an hourly basis, as an agent for the client, throughout the overall construction process, to insure the integrity of the design is being fulfilled. Each project will have unique and specific needs and we can discuss the capacity of my involvement in the construction process. I will at this time, if requested , recommend several licensed contractors for the client to interview for the installation of the landscape.