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Oro Valley, Az.

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I have worked extensively in the field of horticulture, in Tucson Arizona, for over 25 years. My early beginnings , first as a commercial grower for retail nurseries , resorts and private residences ,led me to designing  entryways and public areas for these same properties. I believe the experience of adorning vacation destinations has added a dimension to my designs , incorporating luxury within the parameters of the specific structural design. I believe that where we reside, or spend our time, has a unique flavor and the very place a structure sits offers  clear suggestions to the designers eye. I am dedicated to building a successful partnership between the client and myself so we together can give life to the aesthetics of the site and create the desired amenities. My design portfolio includes the use of water harvesting systems, both water capture from the roof and the use of retention basins and swales. I have designed landscapes which incorporate plants and features which attract birds, and other desired wildlife, as well as plantings which detract animals harmful to the landscapes. I have also designed, and been involved in completing,both major refreshers of past landscapes, large and small, as well as new home construction projects. I have extensive plant knowledge and long term experience with plant materials, especially those which are suitable to our desert climate and possess long term beauty and sustainability. In Tucson we are fortunate to have year round access to our outdoor spaces and I am, ,above all else, dedicated to providing the absolute enjoyment and best use of that space.